New Ranks in Taekwondo America

January 2018 National Testing

A special congratulations to our following for receiving their next rank at our January 2018 event:

  • Master Michael Dominach – 7th Degree
  • Master Jason Byrd  – 7th Degree
  • Master Paul Alluisi – 6th Degree
  • Mr. Brian Monaghan – 5th Degree
  • Mr. Stephen Strouss – 3rd Degree

September 2017 National Testing

A special congratulations to our following school owners receiving their newest rank at our September 2017 event:

  • Master Elizabeth Davis – 8th Degree
  • Master Sean Baxter – 7th Degree
  • Master Josh Martin – 7th Degree
  • Master DeWaine Chan – 6th Degree
  • Master Bill Mischke – 6th Degree

Michael Dominach

Mr. Michael Dominach awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt at the January 2018 Nationals Mr. Michael Dominach, owner of Dominach’s Taekwondo Academy in Independence KY, started Taekwondo in January of 1991.  He finds it almost unbelievable that this new rank marks 27...

Jason Byrd

Mr. Jason Byrd began his martial arts journey early in 1993 at Mr. and Mrs. Lacy’s Taekwondo school in Roanoke Virginia. Because it was about an hour drive each way for his family he could only make it to class a couple of times a week until he got his drivers...

Elizabeth Davis

Mrs. Elizabeth Davis began taking Taekwondo in 1985 at Faulkner State College in Bay Minette Alabama. After transferring to the University of South Alabama she started taking classes from Mr. Warren Davis and Mr. Rick Hoadley. Mrs. Davis began teaching Taekwondo in...

Sean Baxter

Mr. Sean Baxter, owner of Concord Taekwondo America, is awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt Karate Kid came to the neighborhood theaters the summer Mr. Baxter turned 18. After a childhood of wielding homemade bo-staffs with friends inspired by Black Belt Theater and...